Cordless Hammer Drill BHC 18 Li 5.2-Set USA

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The Festool BHC 18 Cordless Hammer Drill Plus will give you maximum power for tough jobs. Use it to drill holes in stone, concrete and masonry. This Festool rotary hammer is exceptionally powerful for its light weight and compact size. It's designed for low vibration and with an ergonomic C-handle so it can be used comfortably for a long time and for overhead applications. This results in greater control in difficult-to-reach areas. It's 18 volts and uses a 5.2 Ah battery pack. The package includes essential accessories.


  • BHC 18 Hammerdrill
  • Depth Stop
  • Side Handle
  • 2x 5.2 Ah Li Ion AIRSTREAM Batteries
  • SCA 8 Battery Charger
  • SYS 2 T-loc Systainer

Item No: 574887