Battery pack BP 18 Li 6,2 Ah Li-Ion AS

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Note: This is a scratch and dent, open box item.  The item is in good working condition, but may have minor scratches or discoloration.  The packaging is likely damaged and may have stickers or be incomplete.  

Batteries for the toughest demands. Reduce downtime waiting for battery charging with the AIRSTREAM charging system with rapid battery cooling and charging. The new AIRSTREAM charging system – a combination of the AIRSTREAM SCA 8 rapid charger and the AIRSTREAM battery pack – reduces the cooling time of the battery and thus the entire charging process by up to 60 percent. This means that battery packs are ready to use again more quickly and you can continue working without interruptions. For professionals, this means unnecessary and expensive downtimes. The new AIRSTREAM Li-ion batteries fit all our current 18 V products.

  • With AIRSTREAM function
  • Lithium-ion (Li-ion) replacement battery pack for the C 18, T 18+3, DRC 18/4, PDC 18/4, BHC 18, DWC 18 and PS(B)C 420, HKC 55, TSC 55, SYSLITE KAL II, SYSLITE UNI and the SYSROCK

Item No: 201775