Black EVA Edge Banding Adhesive EVA blk 48x-KA 65

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Note: This is a scratch and dent, open box item.  The item is in good working condition, but may have minor scratches or discoloration.  The packaging is likely damaged and may have stickers or be incomplete.  

EVA edge banding adhesive in black color to match most dark colored edge banding.

Also available in brown, white and natural.

  • Unfilled EVA adhesive – perfect join quality on black decor
  • EVA universal adhesive with high melting point
  • High softening range of approx. 167 °F (90°C), therefore also suitable for use on objects with a relatively high temperature resistance of 14 °F - 167 °F (-10°C – + 75°C)
  • Chemical basis: Adhesive, resin

Item No: 200060