Festool SYS-Cart (495020)

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The Festool Sys-Cart allows you to easily roll stacked Systainers and Sortainers around the shop, as well as the jobsite. Simply stack your Systainers and lock them into place. The large, smooth-rolling casters make moving your tools almost effortless, and once you're ready to set up shop again, just lock the casters to ensure the stack stays put. Sys-Carts also work great for site work, where they make it easy to get your tools from the truck to wherever you'll be working. 


  • Easy portability reduces trips to and from the truck or van, saving time and effort
  • Wide base and large casters ensure that your tools are stable and secure during transport
  • Two locking casters ensure that your tools stay put until needed
  • All casters swivel for easy, flexible maneuverability
  • Fits Systainers sizes 1 to 5, both Classic, T-Loc, and Sortainers

Item No: 495020