Cordless Jigsaw PSBC420 Li EB-Plus SCA US

Cordless Jigsaw PSBC420 Li EB-Plus SCA US

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Perfect to use in the shop or at the jobsite, the PSBC 420 Jigsaw represents a revolutionary power tool because of the precise blade guidance, versatile multi-base system, and heavy-duty brushless motors.

Powered by 400 watts of a durable brushless motor, the Carvex PSC 420 is built to last longer and tread lightly. The triple blade guidance works efficiently with the stroboscopic LED lights to configure a cutline view for error-free cuts. Making precise cuts in virtually any material with triple blade guidance reduces rework and waste. The multi-base system proves that it is versatile and adaptable because it can tackle nearly any surface with ease and precision. Cutting through practically any material illustrates how powerful and long-lasting the brushless motor can be. The dust extraction capabilities complement this jigsaw because there is virtually no dust cleanup, reducing the time spent in your shop or at the jobsite. Made to withstand the toughest and most extreme conditions, the PSBC 420 proves that it's durability and quality comes from this German tool brand.

  • Carvex Jigsaw
  • Felt Base Plate w/ one felt
  • Chip Guard
  • Splinter Guard
  • (1) 18 Volt LIthium-Ion Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Systainer 1 T-LOC

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